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Automated Lighting Controls – Helping Reduce Energy Costs

At Little Electrical Contracting we have been servicing Clients in the Industrial, Commercial and Public Sector markets for generations. Our success has been based on our tireless commitment to work with our customers to solve meet their business needs. We recently completed an exciting Electrical Automation project with Henderson Group. By installing a a specially designed system we helped Henderson Group save money with Automated Lighting Controls.

Client:  Henderson Group Property
Project: Newry Road Spar

About the Customer

Henderson Group are the owners of the SPAR, EUROSPAR, ViVO, ViVOXTRA and ViVO Essentials franchises in Northern Ireland and have been distributing food and grocery-related products to the convenience retail sector for over 120 years.

The Project

Henderson Group asked us to come up with a solution to stop their Newry Road Spar site lighting consuming unnecessary energy. We believe the Logic Module is a simple and effective method to do so. The Logic Module is a specially designed compact controller with a Cloud interface which automates when lighting systems turn on and off, it comes with 4 outputs with the option to expand. By using the Logic Module the Newry Road Spar will no longer need to manually turn on and off lighting across their site. This will help reduce unnecessary energy consumption at the premises which has been proven to help with cost savings.

What the Logic Module provided 

  • Lighting Controls
  • Astronomical Clock/no more manual altering of controls & timeclocks
  • Comes with 4 outputs with the option of expansion
  • Live access to the cloud makes it possible to access data during ongoing operation
  • Remote access to the web server
  • Gain Access & Retrieve Data from the cloud


Project Length

This project was quick to complete taking a team of two of our skilled engineers just one day.

Customer Feedback

The Logic Module allows the flexibility of the forecourt owner to be able to control the proposition of the lighting throughout the year enhancing the customer experience, with the dusk setting & allowing the lights to come on when the sun sets it helps to promote our own brand alongside other brands within our store. With the automatic controls adjusting with the different seasons it will help improve the health and safety of our customers as during the darker days the complete site will be illuminated.

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