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North Tyneside Council LED Retro-fit

Project Title: North Tyneside Council LED Retro-fit
Award Date: Apr 2015
Client Details: North Tyneside Council
Completion Date: Oct 2015
Project Value: £340k

Project Description:
Little Electrical Engineers has undertaken electrical lighting specification and installation of LED retro-fit projects to the Lakeside Leisure Centre, Hadrian Leisure Centre, and Quadrant East building (Cobalt building 16).

The retro-fit works involving the removal, recycling or disposal to appropriate licensed site of the existing lamps and fittings along with the adjustment/replacement of any internal wiring of existing fittings to ensure the safe and compliant installation as required by each LED retro-fit solution. The works are based on a schedule/specification of current lighting arrangements and a proposed schedule of alternative LED retro-fit lamps or replacement fittings (where lamp retro-fit isn’t possible), including a performance specification outlining the anticipated energy savings that will be achieved.