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Galmi Hospital, Niger Project 2019

Some of you may or may not know a lot about Little Electrical!

As well as a commitment to provide quality electrical projects at home Little Electrical have for many years used their expertise on various charity projects at both at home and overseas.

Ian Little has been involved in overseas charity projects for 25+ years now! One project that he has been involved with is Galmi Hospital, Niger.

In previous years Ian and his team have headed out to Galmi Hospital to complete various projects including wiring of surgical wards, rewiring staff accommodation, installing generators, UPS systems, voltage regulator, new main switchboard and changeover panels and all new cabling associated with it. Along with other duties like painting, plumbing etc..

This year Ian on the 2nd November is returning to Galmi Hospital for the 7th time along with Paul Silcock for the 1st time along with a team of 10 others, this project is to install a new mains cabling infrastructure around the housing compound at the hospital, new site lighting round the compound and other minor jobs. All the materials for the project were shipped in a 20ft container from Little Electrical on 30th July and should hopefully arrive at the hospital in the next few days.

We will make sure to keep everyone updated!